An occasional record of thoughts and questions

June 29 2021

My list of ten things I care about most.
~ My relationships with my three adult children.
~ My relationship with my health.
~ My relationship with my art.
~ My relationship with my truth.
~ Living in physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual ease.
~ My relationship with the universe.
~ My relationship with my partner-spouse.
~ My relationship with knowledge, skills, and experience.
~ Trusting the universe to meet my desires.
~ My relationships with others.

I was amazed when I realized, not so long ago, that I have a relationship with every person and thing that is part of my life. What I give to and receive from each and every relationship either benefits me or diminishes my well being. Ideally, there’s balance in the flow of energy in (receiving) and out (giving), like breathe itself. When there’s balance between inflow and outflow, life is good. When a relationship is out of balance, I need to evaluate and adjust. Or I need to leave the relationship.