Sharon Leah
St. Paul, MN
Creative. Painter. Reader. Blogger

I was eleven years old when I told my mom I wanted to paint the spruce tree I could see outside my bedroom window. She encouraged my interest by buying a small canvas, four tubes of paint (green, white, brown, and blue), and a brush. The painting itself wasn’t memorable, but the experience was. Painting is just one way I express my creativity.

Everyone creates everyday. We create through our thoughts, when our thoughts manifest into the things we do: paint a tree, plan a party, write a blog post or a book, cook a meal, clean house—you can see where I’m going with this. Being creative isn’t a trait reserved for artists and writers. You’re creating all the time.

My Playbook

A playbook defines what needs to be done to win the game; it reflects a plan and an approach or strategy that’s worked out ahead of time. Those strategies are broken down into actionable plays: Power Plays.

I adopted the Power Play idea from the field of coaching. Power Plays are strategies designed to encourage you to create your best life.

I post when I feel inspired to share some thoughts or things I’ve done. I hope you enjoy your visit and will return often.