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  • Prosperity for Artists

    Prosperity for Artists

    The myth of the starving artist is a MYTH that got a foothold in society’s consciousness in the 19th Century, when a man named Henri Murger wrote a tragic love story about Bohemian artists Mimi and Rudolfo. Murger lived among a group of uneducated, poor Bohemians in Paris. He knew that readers are entertained by…

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  • Identify THE Most Important Thing To Do Now

    Identify THE Most Important Thing To Do Now

    What is your most important creative work? Answering two questions will help you identify the most important thing you can do with your time.  If there is only one thing you can work on now, what would it be? If there is only one direction you can take your work in for twelve months, what…

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  • What Is Your Most Important Creative Work?

    What Is Your Most Important Creative Work?

    Finding time to be creative may seem like a stretch when earning a living, maintaining a home and personal relationships, and sleep take up most of your day. Time to express your creative self may seem like a wishful thought: a pipe dream. And being the creator that you are will continue to feel like…

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  • Reawakening to Creativity

    Reawakening to Creativity

    Artmaking has always had a special place in my life.  My first attempt at creating public art was a crayon drawing on the bedroom wall of a grade school friend. I was never invited back to her house. In high school, I fantasized about being a fashion designer and living in Paris. I want back…

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  • Be Happy

    Be Happy

    This is my birthday month and I’ve decided to focus the whole month toward being happy as much of the time as I can. Why? Because I know feeling happy is a state of mind that I have control over. I can choose to be happy or not and feeling happy has benefits. A lot…

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  • Everyone is Creative

    Everyone is Creative

      For several years, John has curated the work of landscape artists for a cyber art show that he shares with his audience of landscape painters on Facebook. Every week, he asks his followers a question. A recent question was: “If you had to pick just one thing that being an artist has taught you,…

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