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Holistic lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods, and live more sustainably.


  • Creating is a Process

    Creating is a Process

    Teaching myself to paint with gouache has been a series of near wins and a lot of misses. I attempted this because I’m traveling in a few weeks and I want to paint at locations I’ll visit. Using gouache has practical advantages over oil paint that I’ve used for years. Gouache is easier to transport,…

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  • Why I Create Art and Write about It

    Why I Create Art and Write about It

    I feel an uncomfortable tension when I start a new painting or when I write about my artwork and art practice. There are two main reasons for these feelings. First, the possibility of failure looms large. I’m never sure I can actually do what I want to do. And if I do succeed, then people…

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  • How We Create All of Our Experiences

    How We Create All of Our Experiences

    We create by giving attention to something. The quality of what we create depends on how we think. I’ll share the story behind the moment captured in the photo as an example of how what we think about comes about. Setting My Intention I play a game with myself once in awhile. It’s a game…

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  • Stopping a Habit vs. Starting a New One

    When I was growing up, it was common to let kids play alone or go for walks by themselves. My parents liked to visit with an older couple who lived in a very rural area and after I’d run out of things to occupy myself in their house, I’d walk down the driveway to the…

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  • Live in Joy!

    Live in Joy!

    It was summer and the year was 1994. I was sitting on the grass beside one of my flower gardens in my backyard and focused on deadheading wilted blossoms on a row of white petunias that stretched along the edge of the garden. For several days I’d felt frustrated, angry, depressed, and I’d avoided any…

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  • Copy Like an Artist, Don’t Steal

    Copy Like an Artist, Don’t Steal

    Under copyright law, the artist creator has the exclusive right to: Distribute the work in any form Make copies of the work in any fixed form (digital or print) Display the work in pubic or on a website Make derivatives of the work by modifying or changing an original work, and Publicly perform the work…

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