Why You Need to Share Your Work

New Greens_Dodge_5-7

Are you waiting to be ready before you share what you know?

You’ve got lots of company. We often think we’re not ready to share what we create.

That kind of thinking is the result of comparing yourself to others. And since thoughts are what create beliefs, and if you think your work isn’t good enough to share, no one will change your mind for you. That’s your job.

No Comparison

I took painting classes from a man who routinely gets paid $20,000, and often more, for his paintings. He does beautiful work. He’s also a great teacher, and every week he shares his expertise with his students. I will never paint like my teacher paints, because I’m me. I’m different. My hand is different. I hold my brushes different. My brush strokes are different. I see color differently. I choose different subjects to paint. It’s my very differences that make me uniquely different from my teacher.

Give what you have to someone, it may be better than you think.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Austin Kleon recommends sharing something small every day.

You’re unique, so don’t compare. Share. Share what’s unique about you, because you’re the expert. Never mind what you’re not. Decide on what you want and focus there on yourself and on your creative work.

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