Simple Tips for Natural Living

Holistic lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods, and live more sustainably.


  • Level Up with a Challenge

    In the 1950s a team of primate biologists studying the Macaca Fascata monkeys that lived on Koshima, an island off Japan, would dump sweet potatoes on the beach for the monkeys to eat. The sweet potatoes were like currency. The monkeys loved them and would spend more time on the beach. giving This exchange gave…

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  • Why You Should Make An Art Process Journal

    Why You Should Make An Art Process Journal

    An art process journal (APJ) is a record of how you develop your artwork or project as well as your development as an artist. It may contain collected images, drawings, and even small paintings; printed or written text; research; color palettes and material swatches; samples of pen and brushwork; different designs, media, and techniques; and…

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  • The Biggest Creative Block is Resistance

    The Biggest Creative Block is Resistance

    To create means to take raw materials—canvas, pigment, paint, brushes, pencils, paper, clay, dirt, stones, glass, water, seeds, food, technology, fire, even pressure; and most important of all, our thoughts—and create. We create art and music, tools and technology, community and communities, fun and fitness, first with our thoughts and then with things. In all…

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  • Why You Need to Share Your Work

    Are you waiting to be ready before you share what you know? You’ve got lots of company. We often think we’re not ready to share what we create. That kind of thinking is the result of comparing yourself to others. And since thoughts are what create beliefs, and if you think your work isn’t good…

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  • Life is always Unfinished and Creative

    I told my parents I wanted to be an artist when I was in my early teens. My mom was silent on the subject, but my dad let me know what he thought. “You can’t earn a living as an artist,” he said. Some part of me abandoned the artist who lives inside me that…

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  • Mini Habits Can Lead to Big Results…

    Mini Habits Can Lead to Big Results…

    …If the desired habit and goal are aligned with an existing routine. One of my important goals is to develop the habit of writing daily. It’s a scary goal to commit to because I’ve tried to develop a daily writing habit before, and failed.  Fear of failing has caused some cognitive dissonance, because while I…

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